PDA6 holster "Little Buddy"
PDA6 holster "Little Buddy"

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PDA6 holster "Little Buddy"

Manufacture: PDA Holsters
Model: PDA-6
Availability: In Stock
* Hand Preference:

SymLeather* Upgrade:

Paddle Accessory:

Belt clip, steel:

Easy Buckle Strap:

   - OR -   

Our smallest holster with internal dimensions of 5.00”L x 3.750”H x 0.75”.

  • Dual belt straps with PDA2A paddle accessory and BCA2 steel belt clip adapter avaiable.
  • The pistol size is usually limited by the height at 3.75”, while the other dimensions are generally more forgiving.
  • Designed specifically for the new micro-compact pistols such as the new Ruger LCP, Taurus 738TCP, Kel-Tek P-32 and P-3A.
  • Length and height support the Beretta Bobcat and Tomcat, but the butt/grips of those pistols are to thick for the PDA6.
  • Comfortable and Quick-Draw capable as are all of our holsters.

Check the Fitting Chart for other typical pistol models. Holster only, pistol or accessories not included. For approximate overall holster size add 0.50" Length and 0.75" Height & Thickness to listed internal dimensions.

* SymLeather  is a term used for partially synthetic leather. Our product is a material made of polyurethane used in conjunction with recycled leather bonded to a fabric backing. It looks, feels, and even smells like top grain leather. 

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